Maruthi Corporation Limited
About Us

About Us


Maruthi Corporation Limited is a renowned construction house that has started its journey since 1994 and has come across a long way developing ultra-modern township, gated community and other infrastructures in the leisure and hospitality sectors.It is the foremost mission of Maruthi to make better living conditions for the modern society in terms of comfort and convenience. High-end amenities and quality work are the main keywords that have become our biggest strength. We provide 100% transparency and credibility in terms of our work ethics and maintain excellent standards in every aspect.


In addition to serving as benchmarks for enhancing quality of life, our projects provide finer experiences that meet the rising aspirations of this emerging nation.Our goal is to go above and beyond for our clients.Our concept of a city designed to strike a delicate balance between its structures and the communities they foster is expressed in the spaces we construct.
After verifying the authenticity of the title and the land, we basically locate large tracts of land on the city’s outskirts.For things like rule layouts, we ask authorities like GHMC for permission.


We create Jobs for thousands of People, Experts, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Marketing, Back Office Staff etc., We give people beautiful natural surroundings, to live in and make them comfortable. We build attractive Villas, Apartments, Shopping Complexes, Hotels, Office buildings, Resorts and Farm Houses. We achieve to be the World’s Pre-eminent designer/builder of unique architectural structures.


Maruthi has a Vision & Mission of “Creation for Better living environment in Nature”. Maruthi is poised to take on the future and provide ultra modern needs of Customers in terms of comfortable living space and premium Real Estate. Delivery on time has always been paramount ethos at ‘Maruthi Corporation Limited’. Company’s strength lies in being transparent and credible in all its dealings.


We believe that people are the key to successful real estate:where they call home;how they reach their jobs;what they do once they arrive;how they interact with partners, peers, and clients in the workplace;and whether the workspace meets the organization’s goals effectively and efficiently.