Dr.K.Ram Reddy is the Chairman & Managing Director of M/S Maruthi Corporation Limited. He is a dynamic and ambitious entrepreneur Who has 20 years of vast and diverse experience in development and colonization fields of real estate in India. A meticulous planner, astute investor, passionate egalitarian, an economist and is a great visionary man. He has a Doctorate in economics and provides direction and guidance to every aspect of corporate functioning. The personal character of Dr.K.Ram Reddy is reflected in the corporate functioning,transparency,operational credibility, conceptualization and implementation of all projects. The Motto of the company "Diverse Convergence" is a perfect epigraph of personal ambition of Dr. K. Ram Reddy.


"To enhance and fortify quality, speed, innovation and technology into the Organizations business ventures and to be a trend setter in innovative management practices across premium infrastructure space.".


"Transform the way people perceive Quality, thus cementing a strong relation and everlasting relationship with clients.".